Work/life fit

We support you to be ‘work-life fit’ with fair and flexible initiatives to assist you in balancing work and home life.

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At the YMCA, we are committed to supporting your work-life fitness. A number of fair and flexible initiatives are in place to assist our people balance the demands of both work and home life.

We offer generous parental leave entitlements, along with flexible working hours. These measures allow you to vary start and finish times and manage family commitments. Some programs offer employment based on the school calendar. This means you work only during the school term, allowing you to spend time with your family during school holidays.

We value and encourage the culturally diverse nature of our team. We offer religious and cultural leave, allowing employees to observe cultural or religious days of significance.

We also offer community services leave. This leave allows employees who are members of a volunteer organisation to be released from duties without loss of pay to participate in emergency support or community events.

Working for the YMCA is a rewarding and challenging experience for those with a positive attitude, zest for life and who seek to contribute to the bigger picture.

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