Peter Krenz Exceptional Service Award

The Peter Krenz Exceptional Service Award recognises staff who have served the YMCA diligently, exceptionally and over a long period of time, who during a lengthy career (minimum 10 years) made an exceptional contribution to YMCA Victoria.

This person must have demonstrated exceptional service in their area of specialty, across their entire career, and exemplified the ideals and values of the YMCA in his or her personal and professional life.

The criteria describes the characteristics that are desirable in the recipient:

  • Has served YMCA Victoria diligently, over a long period of time (minimum 10 years’ service with the YMCA)
  • May have chosen to focus on “doing what they do best”
  • Generally awarded to those recently resigned or retired from the YMCA (within the past two years)
  • May be awarded to anyone in the organisation (i.e. a backroom person)
  • Excellent reputation
  • Impeccable character
  • Well thought of by peers
  • May be awarded to staff who have accepted positions at other YMCAs or left the movement for career advancement


  • Kaye Stebbing Victoria


  • Shane Dunne and Daniel Kerr Victoria


  • Haydn Robins Victoria


  • Kerryn Martin Victoria
  • Meredith King Victoria
  • Bob Anderson Victoria


  • Robin Lewis Victoria


  • Phillip Hare Victoria


  • Peter Burns Victoria
  • Terry Cliff Geelong


  • Lyn Edge (dec) Echuca
  • Phillip Bainbridge Geelong
  • Rob Ashcroft Geelong