Rosalie Battaglia Volunteer Award

Rosalie Battaglia was chairperson of the Knox YMCA. She championed the development of the Association, which provided programs and services for aged people with a disability – The Knox Disabled Persons Project.

A stalwart of her community Rosalie played an active role in the community founding be Knox Netball Association. Prior to her untimely passing, Rosalie joined the staff of YMCA Victoria at Berwick, where she mentored junior staff and volunteers.

The Rosalie Battaglia award recognizes the work of current volunteers (governance or program) who have made a special contribution to YMCA Victoria over a significant period of time (minimum of five years).

The criteria describes the characteristics that are desirable in the recipient:

  • Breathtaking commitment to a program, service, or committee
  • Is passionate about the YMCA and everything we stand for – does not seek kudos but focuses on the recipient/s of their voluntary effort
  • Might include a story of hardship endured and overcome
  • Minimum 5 years’ service with the YMCA


  • Lynette Simmons Victoria


  • Dawn Quick Victoria


  • David Mondon Youth Leadership & Development Unit


  • Jed McCartney Bridge Project


  • Geraldine Macdonald YMCA Victoria (Former Board Member)


  • Patrick Cunningham Moonee Valley


  • Gordon Foy Ballarat
  • Iris Furness Footscray
  • Bruce Peake Geelong
  • Noel Hooper Geelong
  • Meredith Thornton Manningham
  • Patrick Cunningham Moonee Valley
  • Matt Thomas Victoria


  • Margaret Rowe Footscray
  • Kingsley Spalding Ararat


  • Ian Jungwirth Manningham
  • Lyn Webber Banyule
  • Dawn Roscholler (dec) Banyule
  • Arthur Thompson Footscray
  • Bill Waterson Ararat
  • Dot Thomson Echuca
  • Marnie Craig Victoria
  • Jennie & Colin Beale Board of Directors – Knox
  • Margje & Henk Morren
  • Rosalie & Joe Battaglia (both dec)
  • Rosemary Smith
  • Noreen Livingston
  • Dianne Senglemen