Thomas Embling Leadership Award

In the State of Victoria, the first mention of a YMCA was in a letter to a Melbourne newspaper, The Argus from Dr. Thomas Embling dated April 20, 1853. Dr. Embling became the first President of Melbourne YMCA.

The Thomas Embling Award recognizes exceptional leadership and commitment to the YMCA Movement. The recipient will be a current YMCA Victoria staff member or volunteer that exemplifies contribution both within YMCA Victoria, and around the Movement.

The criteria describes the characteristics that are desirable in the recipient:

  • Unequivocally a leader in the Movement
  • Universally admired for their contribution/s
  • Inspiring track record of achievement
  • Broad commitment to the YMCA, increasing our reach and mission focus


  • James Wynd and Michelle Bruggemen  YMCA Victoria


  • Gerard Bolger YMCA Victoria


  • Greg Jennings YMCA Victoria


  • Anthony Neal YMCA Victoria


  • Ian Jungwirth YMCA Victoria (Board Member)


  • Matt Feutrill YMCA Victoria


  • Peter Krenz (inaugural) Bendigo