Our approach

Shared vision

The YMCA has a long-standing, strong relationship with local government. We build on partner brand awareness and continue to promote and advocate the benefits of their community assets.

We respond to our partners’ needs by understanding their customers and communities and helping them achieve their plans through strategic alignment. We operate with intention to ensure our expertise correlates directly with our partner’s objectives for their facilities and communities

Delivery approach

The YMCA employs sustainable business practices tailored to local community requirements and Council goals. While we are future-focussed, we are also nimble and adaptive to local requirements. We seek opportunities to work with like-minded organisations for maximum community impact through the most efficient use of resources.

Through a collaborative approach, the YMCA aims to maximise the value in our work with like-minded organisations. We actively seek out opportunities to work with partners/organisations with shared vision and to increase our community impact.

Our team

We have a dedicated and experienced recreation leadership team that is connected to and directly supports local staff. This extended specialist support ensures the contract is successfully delivered, and brings additional benefits to our partners and community including:

  • A strategic approach to the contract
  • Operational expertise
  • National and state-wide industry representation

The YMCA leadership team brings experience in contract relations, together with a professional approach and expertise to all aspects of facility management.


The excellence of YMCA-managed centres, programs and staff has been acknowledged across the recreation industry in 2016-2017. Partnerships with Local Government Agencies were celebrated with the presentation of ARV awards for Facility of the Year, Health Club of the Year, Business Award and Most Valuable Employee.

Industry-leading program development and innovation in gymnastics, tennis, high intensity training, virtual group fitness and aquatics have been a major focus and continue to propel growth across YMCA-managed facilities.

Financial scale

At the YMCA we are proud of our financial integrity and transparency. We manage approximately $1.5 billion of community assets and our combined entities have an annual turnover of $187 million.

We have a diversified income model with services delivered across nine separate industries. This model provides protection from individual industry fluctuations.

Through proven financial governance and a robust financial management structure, the YMCA is well positioned to support sustainable performance and growth, and the best possible outcomes.


We are committed to continuous innovation and actively challenge the status quo to achieve better outcomes. We seek out new opportunities to innovate through technology, programming, digital engagement and product development.

We accept that change is a constant and showcase our innovation in collaboration with our partners.