Inspired young people

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The issue

Young people are often portrayed negatively in mainstream media, and many young people feel like they don’t have a say on issues that matter to them most.


The facts

According to research from Mission Australia and the Victorian Government, young Australians:

  •  Continue to nominate coping with stress, school or study problems, and body image, as their top three issues of personal concern. Alcohol and drugs, equity and discrimination, access to education and employment and mental health are also key concerns.
  • Over 90% of young Victorians indicated a desire to work with government to address issues that matter to them most.

Source: Mission Australia Youth Survey 2016
Source: Youth Policy: Building Stronger Youth Engagement in Victoria, Victorian Government 2016


Global research conducted by the World YMCA in 2016 found that young people around the world were concerned about similar issues with the environment, human rights and youth employment listed as the top three concerns.

Source: World YMCA One Million Voices


Change we are seeking

Creating space for young people to develop, grow and be inspired to make a positive impact in their lives and the lives of those around them.  

We believe that this can be achieved through:

  • Policy and process change so that the voice of young people is heard on issues that matter to them most.
  • Attitudinal and behavioural change by the community to believe in the power of inspired young people.
  • To us, an empowered young person feels in control of their life. They are confident in their ability to contribute to the world around them. They overcome challenges and realise their potential.


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