About Community Father of the Year


CFOTY 2017

YMCA Victoria understands that while families come in all shapes and sizes, positive male role models are always important in a child’s life. Since the YMCA invented Fathers Day, we’ve always had a soft spot for the special relationship between father figures and the children in their lives.

To recognise exceptional dads and father figures, and to give children a chance to show their appreciation, the YMCA Community Father of the Year recognises dads and father figures who may think they’re ordinary, but are in fact extraordinary. To the children in their life, they’re a superhero.

Since 2003, YMCA Community Father of the Year has been held at participating YMCA centres and services. Children nominate their dad or father figure by writing or drawing why they are so special to them, and a winner is selected for each centre.

Winners of Community Father of the Year are also considered for the Father’s Day Council of Victoria’s prestigious Victorian Father of the Year Award. Many past recipients of Victorian Father of the Year have been a YMCA Community Father of the Year.

The YMCA Community Father of the Year also receives free entry for him and his family to the YMCA Father’s Day Fun Run. Terry Mitropoulos is one of our past YMCA Community Father of the Year winners, who went on to become Victorian Father of the Year. Terry completed the 5km walk with his two sons. This was a remarkable and inspiring feat considering Terry had been told he may never walk again after overcoming many significant and difficult health problems.

His two boys, Jonah and Christos, could not be more proud of their dad, saying their dad “is an inspiration and never gives up”.