Why DadsLink?

DadsLink is a hands-on program that recognises the needs, importance, impact, value and challenges Dads face in their relationships with their kids.

Why is the program important?

DadsLink recognises:

  • The essential need for a healthy and insightful relationship with oneself
  • The importance of positive and meaningful parent/child relationships, especially in separated families
  • The impact of parent/child relationships and parent/parent relationships on mental and emotional health for children, parents and extended family
  • The value of cooperation and positive conflict resolution for children
  • The challenge of positive social connection for some fathers
  • The importance of 'hands on' active parenting programs
  •  The challenge of being a 'reasonable man' in what may at times be an unreasonable situation

The need for this program

The traditional role of the father is changing.

As family structures change and men are not necessarily the 'breadwinner' of the family, more fathers seek a more connected, hands-on part in parenting.

While positive fathering in itself is a challenge, for many fathers this becomes even more challenging following separation and divorce.

A practical program that can include all fathers is of great benefit.

Some fathers become separated, some separated fathers become new fathers once more and some fathers become stepfathers, grandfathers and so on. The benefit of focusing on fathers and their children in general rather than on one particular fathering group has been demonstrated with YMCA’s DadsLink.

To find out more, email dadslink@ymca.org.au.