League of Extraordinary Grandparents

League of Extraordniary Grandparents

Our extraordinary grandparents need your help

Grandparents have forever played an important role in family life. However they usually don’t expect - having raised their own children - to become parents again later on in life.  

The challenges they face are significant. Research from the University of New South Wales found that grandparent carers are more likely to be financially disadvantaged, suffer from health problems and experience social isolation and disrupted friendships.

Given the lack of support services available for grandparent carers and their families, the YMCA League of Extraordinary Grandparents was born.

The YMCA League of Extraordinary Grandparents is a specialised three-day camping experience that gives grandparent-headed families the much-needed break that they deserve.


What happens on camp?

Held at our peaceful Mt Evelyn Recreation facility, the camp provides the perfect environment for grandparents and grandchildren to relax, unwind and enjoy some stress-free time together.

Each family will be assigned an experienced and enthusiastic volunteer to help take the grandchildren through fun activities such as high ropes, and a trip to the Healesville Sanctuary. With the grandchildren in safe hands, grandparents will get the opportunity attend yoga, receive massages and dine out together. The camp will also helps grandparents to build their social circles and learn more about services that can assist them in the future. 

“It was the best weekend we’ve ever had since having the kids,” said Isabel, a member of the League of Extraordinary Grandparents told us after the 2014 camp.

We need you help

We rely on contributions from people like you to continue our vital work, helping those in the community that are doing it tough. 

You can donate directly to the League of Extraordinary Grandparents by visiting our donation page and selecting Community Development Unit. Your gift can give some much deserving families the break that they deserve.

We appreciate your support in helping us give everybody the chance to be healthier happier and better connected to their community.

By simply making a donation - big or small - you will have an extraordinary effect on the lives of these special families. Your support will remind them that they aren’t alone.

Contact us for more information.