Become a member of Parentlink

Paddel parentlink

It is free to become a member of Parentlink. All you need to do is download a copy form and email it to or mail to:

YMCA Victoria Community Development Unit - Parentlink
PO Box 833, Parkville Vic 3052

Please note: Parentlink is a not-for-profit program and it is only staffed on Wednesdays.

Weekend outings

We offer a variety of weekend outings to suit everyone. These include barbeques, cooking lessons, workshops, picnics, zoo trips, beach days, visits to aquatic centers, adventure playgrounds, parks museums and lots more. Run on a three weekly to monthly basis there is always lots of exciting events to look forward to. 

Annual summer camp

Our fully catered family camps provide a fun, creative program of activities for children of all ages. Accommodation and meals are organised for you - you just need to relax and have fun with your family.

Where can you find us?

We post all our events on our Meetup page, and Facebook page. Click the links section to your right to see our latest events and join us!


Membership is subject to the following Terms & Conditions

YMCA Victoria promotes a safe and friendly atmosphere for all families attending Parentlink events. YMCA Victoria builds strong people, strong families, and strong communities and is committed to ensuring Parentlink is family focused and encourages Parentlink members to be respectful of one another.

To ensure the comfort and respect of all Parentlink members, the terms and conditions of membership apply to all YMCA Parentlink events, activities and networks.


  • Parents are entirely responsible for the care, supervision and disciplining of their own children and children in their care at all Parentlink events and camps.

  • All Members shall act with care and integrity and will conduct themselves in a responsible manner, in order to ensure the safety and wellbeing of others.

  • Parentlink is family focused and parents attend events with their children at all times.

  • Events are scheduled to accommodate varying parenting arrangements.

  • Parentlink is a family focused program and not a 'singles club'. If members receive unwelcome comments, advances, phone calls or emails, they have the right and responsibility to inform the Parentlink Coordinator. A member who undertakes these behaviors may have their membership cancelled.

  • YMCA Victoria has the right to discontinue or refuse membership to members whose behaviours are deemed to be detrimental to the reputation and wellbeing of Parentlink events.

  • Members must treat all persons and property with respect, demonstrate consideration of others at all times and shall not make improper use of any information available to them.

  • Any Members who engage in rude, threatening, intimidating or inappropriate behaviour may have their membership revoked immediately.

  • Members who wish to lodge a complaint are required to put the issue in writing and forward it to the Parentlink Co-ordinator. All matters will be investigated in a timely manner. All grievances should be addressed with the Parentlink Co-ordinator and no other members as they may feel compromised and reduce their enjoyment of the activities.


  • All single parent families shall have access to Parentlink membership. However, where a current member’s ex-partner also wishes to become a Parentlink member, it must be understood that should this cause undue discomfort to the current member, the YMCA has the right to discontinue or refuse membership.

  • All Members’ information shall remain private and confidential and will be handled in accordance with YMCA Victoria’s Privacy Policy.


  • Parentlink events are smoke and alcohol-free activities.

  • Animals are not permitted at Parentlink events.

  • To attend Parentlink camps you must fill out the membership forms and met the coordinator for a face to face meeting.

    Activities outside of Parentlink

  • Events endorsed by Parentlink will be promoted via Parentlink Facebook and Meetup Updates, email updates and the Parentlink section on the YMCA Victoria website (

  •  All other events outside of these (even if organised by Parentlink members) are not endorsed by YMCA and therefore the YMCA takes no responsibility and accepts no liability for any injuries or accidents, which occur at these events.

  • Parentlink members are not permitted to solicit personal information from other members with the intention of using this information to promote non-Parentlink activities.

    Parentlink membership assumes that you understand and agree with the above terms and conditions. YMCA Victoria retains the right to amend terms and conditions from time to time. A breach of these conditions may result in cancellation of membership.