Testimonials and Feedback

Camping Escapes Testimonials


  • "It was a wonderful experience that [Louise] thoroughly enjoyed. Louise is talking about future escapes now! Special mention to Lucy from the YMCA who was the perfect hostess. Louise was so well cared for but equally important validated at every level. Many thanks for what you all do" Linda.  
  • “I think has been one of Angelo’s most memorable trips.  A big thank you to the team from YMCA that made this possible. Your itinerary was first class” Angelo’s Mum
  • "Although Gabby can’t give a verbal answer, the answer is in her ear to ear smile and the enjoyment she gets out of each YMCA camping experience. All I know is that YMCA camps are Gabrielle's favourite thing. Thanks as always." Gabby’s Mum
  • “Out of 10 I give it a 10 because of the activities that we did and in general the atmospheric balance was good. I cannot put into words how much I enjoyed it, “it was like mini explosions or happiness fireworks going off in my brain” Angelo, Camper
  • "Thank you so much! Tyler had such a grouse time still talks about it. Thank you for making his trip so enjoyable, all you guys are so down to earth and are beautiful people"  Tyler's Mum.
  • "Just wanted to share my sheer joy at receiving my girl back in the happiest mood ever! She has made some lovely new friends, is talking about needing to be more independent and desperate to get a job....wow, this is huge!" Ash & Sue 
  • "The whole experience left Brinley with some great memories that I am sure will stay with him for many years. Please pass on my thanks to everyone involved and congratulate them on a very successful [program]." Brinley’s Mum
  • "Mike has not stopped talking about camp. We can see he is more confident and we are so grateful he has had this opportunity." Mike’s family