YMCA EatSmart

Fruit and Vegetables

A nutrition course that combines common sense and science with exercise. Learn how to choose healthy food and stay well.

Knowing how to make good food choices is essential if you want to be – and stay – healthy and well.

But ‘too much’ information makes it really hard to know what’s good for you, and what’s not.

And old habits are hard to break.

YMCA EatSmart is a six-week program that will help you sort fact from fiction.

You will learn how easy it can be to make good choices when you know what to look for!

You’ll also learn about some of the common beliefs that may be undermining your efforts to do so.

One-hour sessions include:

  • understanding food labels
  • menu planning
  • eating out
  • understanding what happens in your body when you eat
  • energy needs
  • developing healthy eating habits

…and more.

YMCA EatSmart shows you how to combine good eating habits with exercise, too – also essential for good health.

As soon as you feel the benefits, you’ll be ready to make permanent changes.

p.s. An added bonus is being able to share your new knowledge with friends and family:

“I learnt a lot and I am influencing people around me too!” Judy, 48

Contact your local centre and find out more today!