Retirement Community

Retirement Community

It’s the start of living - a place where people can create a home and be part of a community

Our Retirement Community vision for people and the community

YMCA Victoria wants to play its part in resolving a growing social issue – the ever increasing shortage of housing for older people in or approaching retirement. The Y is embarking on a journey to develop dedicated lifestyle options for older generations.

We exist to help people of all ages reach their potential, feel inspired and be the best version of themselves. We don’t just work with young people; we deliver social impact everyday by reinvesting in programs and services that enable people to shape a better future for themselves and the community.

Our first Retirement Community - Lincoln on the Surf Coast

Lincoln on the Surf Coast is a modern, 174 unit complex being constructed on the beautiful Surf Coast, just eight kilometres from the beach!

Lincoln on the Surf Coast is the epitome of all that the YMCA stands for. We work with members of the community to help build a brighter future for all generations. We do this by providing opportunities for healthy living and for people to get active. This is done via programs and services that help people connect with one another; delivering a positive impact for people who need our help.

These elements are evident in every program, every staff member, every shared space and every residence. The community we’re creating is about so much more than simply recapturing your youth. It’s about loving an exciting new place to call home, and living a more fun and fulfilling life.

If you’re interested in finding out more about Lincoln on the Surf Coast, visit!