Y backs Sport Australia on getting more young people moving

  • Date: 16 October 2019
  • Category: News
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Pictured: Children riding bikes at YMCA Early Learning Centre

YMCA Victoria endorses Sport Australia’s national Position Statement on Physical Literacy, released on Tuesday 15th October 2019.

YMCA Victoria joins 50 Australian sporting organisations, physical activity providers and education bodies in endorsing Sport Australia’s commitment to help all Australians, especially our children and young people, bring out their best through physical activity.

Physical literacy is about developing the skills, knowledge and behaviours that give us the confidence and motivation to lead active lives. Sport Australia developed the Australian Physical Literacy Framework to promote a shared vision about what physical literacy is and how it can be developed. Helping children and young people improve their physical literacy supports holistic development - physically, psychologically, socially and cognitively.

YMCA Victoria CEO Carolyn Morris said the organisation was proud to endorse this statement from Sport Australia.

“From our early learning centres, to our camps, skate programs, gymnastics and pools; we believe in the powerful benefits of physical activity and supporting children and young people to build the knowledge, skills, confidence and motivation they need to lead active lives.

“We know that Australian children are sitting more and moving less: but this needs to change.

“We endorse Sport Australia’s Position Statement on Physical Literacy, and share their vision to create a more active Australia and through the development of physical literacy, support every child to develop a lifelong love of movement and physical activity,” she said.

The Y has a rich history in helping Victorians lead healthier and happier lives, and enjoy the benefits of physical activity. As one of the nation’s largest health promoting organisations, they have been working with government, corporate and community partners for more than 30 years to achieve meaningful, measurable health outcomes for Victorians.

Developing your physical literacy can give you the confidence and capability to be active and stay active for life. This is because physical literacy gives you:

  • Physical skills and fitness;

  • Attitudes and emotions that motivate you to be active;

  • Knowledge and understanding of how, why and when you move, and

  • Social skills to be active with others.

Just as being academically and numerically literate takes skills, tools and practice, being physically literate takes skills and practice. A person, at any life stage and circumstance, can improve their physical literacy.