Busting millennial myths

  • Date: 02 May 2018
  • Category: News
YMCA Empowering Youth People Photoshoot June 2016 (17)

Pictured: "Millennials" snapping a selfie

Young people are often criticised for splashing out on smashed avocado brunches and coffee, wasting time looking at memes, and generally being lazy and apathetic.

Thing is, this isn’t the case.

Myth 1 – Millennials are bad with money and make impulsive purchases
Millennials are affecting real change with their purchases. Studies have shown they prefer companies with ethical business standards and sustainable manufacturing methods. Young people are forcing industries to make positive changes in order to capture the growing millennial market.

Myth 2 – Millennials are lazy and not willing to work
The increasing casualisation of the workforce and the rise of the gig economy has meant steady full time jobs are disappearing and future job markets look uncertain. A recent Deloitte study found that 20% of millennials that are employed want to work more in their existing jobs but the hours simply aren’t available. To combat this more and more millennials are supplementing their income with additional side jobs to meet the rising cost of living.

Myth 3 - Millennials don’t care about politics
While a greater proportion of young voters are dissatisfied with electoral politics, young people aren’t apolitical. Last year’s marriage equality postal survey showed that young people are passionate about certain political issues with 18-19 year olds showing the highest voter turnout of people under 45. A recent report by the University of Adelaide suggested the reason why many young people are disenfranchised with politics is that they didn’t feel that policies included them.

Here at the Y we want to contribute in a positive way, that’s why we run a number of programs designed to provide skills and opportunities for young people. YMCA Youth Parliament gives young Victorians an opportunity to be heard at the highest levels of state parliament on issues that they’re passionate about. We also offer roles at the Youth Parliament Press Gallery to give young people crucial work experience, and through our camps and programs we’re helping to build resilience in young people so they can overcome challenges and realise their potential.

The YMCA exists to help young people feel inspired and be the best version of themselves, to find out more about Youth Parliament visit http://www.vicyouth.ymca.org.au/programs/youth-parliament.html