Get active, get happy in 2013

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Was your New Year’s resolution to be healthier, happier and more active? Now is the perfect time to follow through with that promise to yourself or to set some health and fitness goals for 2013.

The other good news is that exercise makes us happier.

YMCA Victoria surveyed about 3000 members across the state asking how they felt before and after exercise.

More than 85 cent said that after exercise they felt happy or "elated".

This graph shows the before and after affects of exercise:

Before and after exercise graph 2013

YMCA Victoria chief executive Peter Burns said: "I've been with the YMCA for 35 years and I've seen this every day since my early years as a fitness instructor - physical activity makes us happier.

"Physical activity is a great way to be part of your community, to feel like you belong somewhere and to connect with other people."

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