Remind Yourself Y this Sunday on Father’s Day

  • Date: 29 August 2019
  • Category: News
rad dad craig 2019

It’s Father’s Day on Sunday and the Y is offering dads free pool and gym access at 33 of our centres across the state. You may have seen some of the billboards around town featuring this awesome and refreshing Father’s Day campaign (a nice change from the regular socks, jocks or hand drill ads) which are asking dads to Remind Yourself Y being a dad is so special.
Check out just some of the billboards below:

RemindYourselfY   billboard

“This Father’s Day, we want to celebrate all dads and father figures for the incredibly important role they play as a parent by offering them the opportunity to visit their local Y for free and spend valuable one-on-one time with their children away from the demands of work and life,” said Carolyn Morris, Chief Executive of YMCA Victoria.

We are welcoming all dads and father figures with extra gusto to wish them a happy Father’s Day on Sunday. One dad in particular who will be celebrating the special day with his kids is 'rad dad' Craig Mitchell. 

“Quality time… you can’t buy that back” says Craig Mitchell

Before Craig became a dad he was a professional snowboarder carving up the slopes and providing snow reports from the mountains for Fox FM. And while his life now might be more about getting the kids ready each morning before the school drop off, the thrills of parenthood are no less than that of an airborne kick flip over a snow-covered halfpipe.

Craig is what’s known in the skating community as a ‘rad dad’. He’s a skate coach for children (and sometimes their parents), running Progression Skate Sessions on the Mornington Peninsula for the last ten years.

He coaches a hundred kids a week, with about half of these involved in YMCA skate competitions. And a lot of the time, he does it for free.

“I get moments out of teaching that money can’t buy,” Craig says.

rad dad craig 2

So while he might be doing less snowboard tricks up on the mountains, there’s no shortage of opportunities to do tricks on the skate ramps, some of which he has built in his own backyard.

Craig’s passion for skateboarding extends to his children, who he has been teaching since they could walk. Indy, 6, Koby, 10 and Riley, 13, all skate with their dad and compete in comps.

“The Y has done so much for girls in skateboarding – something that was previously untapped in the area,” said Craig.

“There are so many benefits to skateboarding, the socialising, it’s great for their mental health as well as improving balance and coordination. It builds confidence,” he says.

“Plus it keeps them away from electronics!”

Absorbed by what he does, Craig’s day revolves around skateboarding and he says his fridge is covered in pictures and drawings made by the kids he teaches.

“I’ve turned so many kids away from drugs and helped kids from split families adjust.”

Read more on Craig’s story which was featured on the front page of the Western Port News on the Mornington Peninsula here: