Y-Solation Fridays: Keeping young people connected

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As a nation we have bound together to self-isolate and stay at home to help save lives, particularly the lives of those in the community you are vulnerable. While the effects of the coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic on the mental wellbeing of our communities is still unknown, we think it’s more important than ever to stay connected and engaged throughout this time.

Celebrations of all kinds have been cancelled or rescheduled, including Victorian Youth Week, which has been postponed to later on in the year. As the oldest youth organisation in the world, we still want to celebrate young people. That’s why we are hosting Y-Solation Fridays!

Y-Solation is a series of Facebook livestreams by young people for young people. The livestreams will be positive and fun, ensuring young people have the opportunity to connect with one another throughout this particularly difficult period. During the livestreams, people of all ages are welcome to join in, ask questions and share ideas.

On Friday 17 April, we will be kicking things off with two livestreams, which will be hosted on the YMCA Victoria Facebook page.

Friday 17 April,

12:30pm – Cooking with James

Join James for our lunchtime livestream to learn the art of cooking delicious pasta. You can expect to be transported to a world of culinary delights and exotic flavours. You can also expect his smoke alarm to go off at least once and for one of his three pets to get in the way.

James is a long-time YMCA volunteer and employee who has been staying connected during this difficult time by keeping in touch with the YMCA volunteer community. His advice to fellow young people is to not shy away from picking up the phone and calling someone - things that were once easy to avoid are now more important than ever before.

6pm – Illustrating with Nicole

Settle in for a relaxing Friday night art class with Nicole, who will be setting up a picturesque still life scene from the comfort of her own home and explaining step-by-step what it takes to illustrate and become the next Frida Kahlo. Viewers are encouraged to get creative and utilise whatever art supplies they want to – think pencils, paints, charcoal, wool, iPad or even Microsoft paint!

Nicole has been volunteering with the Y for five years and recently joined our Volunteer Development Team and Community Development Unit as an employee. Being in isolation has made her realise how much she values her fellow YMCA volunteers and colleagues, which has motivated her to set up video calls with them to stay in contact and see their lovely faces.

If you would like to join either session (or both!), head to the YMCA Victoria Facebook page on Friday. We will be providing more updates about future sessions in the coming days, so stay tuned!

Visit YMCA Youth Services for the latest info on Y-Solation.

Be sure to check out our Keeping well during COVID-19 article a range of resources on how to look after your mental health and wellbeing, stay social, and keep fit and active during this period.