YMCA backs young people ahead of Global Climate Strike

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This week on Friday 20 September, thousands of Australians across over 100 locations will take part in a global strike to demand stronger action on climate change. Many young people will be leading this action, with hundreds of countries to be part of some of the biggest environmental protests in history.

The Y stands for empowering young people and believes in their right to be heard on issues that affect them. The science is clear, and concerned young people are mobilising to send a message to government, business and the community about the need for immediate climate action.

Leading science including work by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change shows we have 12 years to try and limit a climate change catastrophe. Another UN report from IPBES shows that over a million species currently face extinction.
These are major concerns for young people.

This very real ecological, economic and humanitarian crisis affects us all.

We support young people being heard at the Global Climate Strike. We know that action speaks louder than words. We support young people who choose to attend the rally. When young people are inspired, they are powerful.

The YMCAs in Australia are also supporting Climate Change Forums in conjunction with the United Nations’ first Youth Climate Summit, being held in New York on Saturday 21 September with 16-year-old Swedish climate activist Greta Thunberg opening the summit. This historic event will be live-streamed at 12am AEST Sunday 22 September at https://www.un.org/en/climatechange/youth-summit.shtml

YMCA Victoria is ensuring young people are heard on climate change by:

  • Surveying young people to gauge their level of climate change understanding, their commitment to making personal changes that will mitigate climate change and their expectations of local state, national and international leaders to address climate change mitigation;

  • Utilise the information to increase the impact of YMCA Victoria programs;

  • Promote the views of young people by disseminating the survey results to UN and all levels of government;

  • Providing access to quality climate change information to assist young people in understanding climate change.

At the Y we believe young people always have and always will change the world for the better.