YMCA manager receives fellowship to invest in his leadership potential

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Photo: Mick Cronin with Mick Malthouse and Alicia Loxley at YMCA Bridge Project Breakfast


YMCA Executive Manager of Youth Service Mick Cronin is one of ten extraordinary individuals who have been recognised for their leadership potential in driving social impact in Australia, with each receiving a fellowship of up to $50,000 from Westpac Scholars Trust to invest in their personal and professional development.

Mick was selected for his outstanding work and commitment to YMCA Bridge Project and YMCA Rebuild which creates meaningful, supportive and sustainable career pathways for young people in the Victorian justice system. YMCA ReBuild is proven to reduce reoffending rates for its employees from over 50% to under 5%.

Mick is excited by the opportunity and humbled to be recognised among some incredible entrepreneurs doing amazing work across Australia.

“I am passionate and fiercely determined to engage, educate and support businesses across Australia to understand that by simply engaging social enterprises or by creating employment opportunities they can reduce recidivism, whilst positively impacting the lives of young people coming though the justice system."

"The scholarship will see me travel to America and Europe visiting organisations and social enterprises doing similar work in the justice systems," he said.

Westpac Scholars Trust CEO, Susan Bannigan said that now in its fifth year, the Westpac Social Change Fellowship is a game changer for these individuals.

“It allows them to invest time and energy in their own development; to explore opportunities that were otherwise out of reach, and form valuable connections that will last a lifetime,” she said.

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