YMCA to manage Horsham Aquatic Centre until 2021

  • Date: 04 April 2018
  • Category: News

Pictured: The Horsham Aquatic Centre, which YMCA Victoria will continue to manage until 2021.

Horsham Rural City Council has announced YMCA Victoria will continue to operate the Horsham Aquatic Centre until the end of June 2021.

Horsham Rural City Council community services director, Kevin O’Brien, said the Horsham Aquatic Centre was an important facility for the local community, and was pleased that negotiations have been finalised.

“Since the facility was built in 2006, YMCA and Council’s partnership has helped deliver affordable swimming and leisure facilities that are accessible for all people,” said Kevin.

“The Centre is much more than a place to swim. It’s a meeting point where you can attend a class, stay for tea and coffee and connect with community.”

The contract extension will mark a new era for the Centre with YMCA Victoria set to facilitate 24-hour access for gym users.

Scott Bryant, Development Manger YMCA Victoria, said the new 24/7 model would meet the changing needs of the community, delivering greater flexibility in the way current services are delivered.

“We have been proud to manage the Horsham Aquatic Centre and are excited by the prospect of further developing this important and highly valued public asset,” he said.

“In 2018 there were over 170,000 visits to the centre, 1700 individual members, 1600 Personal Training Session delivered and over 5000 visits to the YMCA Swimming Lesson Program, however evidence suggests there is a demand for gym access outside our standard operating hours.”

“For example, we know that mothers with babies and young children who need to fit their exercise routine around their family’s daily routine will benefit.”

“We are already supporting families during the day with our crèche. Last year there were over 5000 visits to the crèche, which has enabled parents to access programs at the facility; our investment in a 24/7 gym is the next step in delivering better health for the Horsham community,” Scott said.

Kevin outlined that the contract extension negotiations had been a thorough process and included a review of YMCA’s performance reports and consideration of community and patron surveys.

“The YMCA’s commitment to reduce energy is a positive in an era when energy prices are on the rise. As part of an ongoing commitment to the sustainable operation the Horsham Aquatic Centre, the YMCA will commit to support Council to explore energy related efficiency initiatives which can potentially reduce the level of energy consumption at the facility,” he said.