Partnership or sponsorship

We’re seeking the support of community organisations, businesses, philanthropic trusts and foundations to partner with us to break down boundaries so that everyone has the opportunity to become healthier, happier and more connected to their community.

In entering partnerships, we align ourselves with businesses with like-minded goals. Each partnership we enter is developed to best reflect the interests and priorities of all involved, and to ensure transparency.

Support and partnership options

In addition to providing financial support, businesses can support us in the following ways:

  • Staff can volunteer at fundraising events or on camping programs, or as a youth mentor.
  • Sponsorship of, or attendance at, a fundraising event
  • Providing a work placement through YMCA Bridge Project
  • Adding YMCA to your Work Place Giving program
  • In-kind donations (either product, or professional services, such as design, research, etc.)

Is your business seeking a long-term partnership that is strategic, involves a strong commitment to benefiting the community and increase resource availability for all?

Get in touch with us today. Contact us on 9403 5000 or discover how other businesses are currently supporting YMCA’s benevolent work.

New Balance

Since 2009, YMCA Victoria has worked in partnership with New Balance Australia to provide local people doing it tough with high quality fitness apparel.


KPMG and YMCA Bridge Project

KPMG is a key contributor in the success of YMCA Bridge Project.