How will my funds be used?

To provide support to those most in need, we work closely with community agencies to help identify and refer people who would benefit from our assistance.

As well as the obvious health benefits of leading physically active lives, there are also emotional and social benefits which are often harder to measure. Yet we know that providing the opportunity for people to connect with their community helps reduce isolation, increase confidence and foster greater independence.

Our benevolent work highlights the importance of continuing our fundraising efforts to provide access to a diverse range of programs and services such as gym and health club access, swimming and water safety programs, camps and youth development programs.

Below are just some of the many examples of how your funds have improved the health and happiness of Victorians in need.

Making a full recovery

Having a stroke at age 50 was not something Jim ever expected. But, with the help of YMCA Victoria, he has worked towards recovery with enthusiasm and determination.


Making a difference at Goorambat Primary School

For most children a school camp is a fun part of the year, but for smaller schools it can be a luxury and a life changing experience.


Elise's journey

When you're unwell, it can be hard to focus on physical health.


James works out a way forward

James made steady and undeniable progress in his rehabilitation with the support of personal trainer Chris at the Macleod YMCA.