Elise's journey

When you're unwell, it can be hard to focus on physical health.

Over the past 10 years, Elise gained 40 kilos. This was due to mental health issues such as depression, addiction, lethargy and medication which lowered her metabolic rate.

Taking her doctor’s advice, Elise started going for short walks. Over time, she started getting fitter and was able to walk longer distances.

Over the past two years, physical wellbeing became Elise’s goal in life.

 “I've never been very fit, but a number of opportunities opened up to allow me to work towards this goal,” said Elise.

Offering free gym once a week, Elise started attending Doutta Galla Community Health and soon became a regular.

Not long after, Elise heard that the YMCA Victoria offered support to people who wanted to join the gym but couldn't afford to do so.

The YMCA offered Elise an initial 10 visit pass to the gym over six weeks.

After the initial six weeks, Elise was then given a year's worth of membership (a few months at a time) which provided her with full access to the gym.

“Thanks to Doutta Galla Community Health and the YMCA, I am able to walk faster, run for the bus without collapsing in a heap, and best of all I'm on my way to losing those unwanted kilos that seem to go hand in hand with mental illness,” said Elise.

Support for people like Elise is only possible due to local fundraising efforts and donations.

Make a donation today and help local people doing it tough to become healthier, happier and better connected.