Making a difference at Goorambat Primary School

For most children a school camp is a fun part of the year, but for smaller schools it can be a luxury and a life changing experience.

Goorambat Primary School is located in North East Victoria and has only 16 students. In this community, even small costs can be a struggle.

“For a lot of the kids here, school is a big focus. It gives them stability and a chance to feel good about themselves,” says teacher Ross Carmichael.

Luckily, thanks to donations from individuals and businesses, as well as YMCA resources, the whole school was able to spend a week at Anglesea Recreation Camp.

Our support for the school did not end when camp was over.

Our Community Development Officer, Jeanette Marshall and our Centre Director at Benalla Aquatic Centre, Elise Wood put together an outreach program for the school. It was another YMCA benevolent initiative.

Held once a week, the classes engage children through strength building, flexibility, cardiovascular exercise and talks about nutrition and positive body image.

After a furious week of activities, Ross was heartened by how the camp affected “his kids.”

“I’ve never seem them so happy. At the end they were lining up to hug the staff as they left. They were really excited that people were making such an effort to make the camp happen.”

“A lot of these kids are going from here to a high school of 700, so getting active is a good way to make sure they fit in socially and build up their self-esteem,” says Ross.

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