Making a full recovery

Having a stroke at age 50 was not something Jim ever expected. But, with the help of YMCA Victoria, he has worked towards recovery with enthusiasm and determination.

Jim had always tried to stay fit and active and was a regular on the basketball court and cricket pitch. However, seven years ago his life changed forever when he suffered a stroke (a sudden disruption in the supply of blood to the brain). Every person affected by a stroke will have different problems and different needs. In Jim's case, his stroke resulted in limited use of his left arm and mobility and balance issues.

Jim was provided with a free personal trainer and access to his local centre to support his recovery. Jim’s trainer designed an exercise program aimed at getting his left arm moving again, as well improving his mobility through regular cardio work.

Jim has noticed a definite improvement in his quality of life and general wellbeing. He had previously undertaken ten weeks of physio in a hospital, but says “nothing compares to the results and improvement I'm getting at Knox Leisureworks… I am very grateful to be provided this opportunity.”

Your funds could help more people like Jim achieve healthier and happier lives. We encourage you to give generously to help those in the community doing it tough.