Providing the right support for a young person like Lucy

Mental health issues affect 1 in 4 young Australians and the majority do not receive the right help at the right time. Can you help a vulnerable young person find the right help before it’s too late? 

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Meet Lucy. At age 17, she’s already had a tough start to life.

But sadly her story is not uncommon…that’s why it’s so important.

Lucy struggled with mental health issues in her early teens, and didn’t have the right support at home or school to help her through this tough time.

Coming from a disadvantaged community and being consumed with feelings of anxiety and insecurity, Lucy desperately needed help. She became completely disengaged with everything.

“I had absolutely no direction. I wasn’t motivated to do anything and I didn’t have any support,” Lucy said. “I hid away, I was in a really dark place.”

She was on the verge of dropping out of school, and faced a future of unemployment and welfare dependency: a story all too common in the town she lives in.

Can you make a donation today to provide support to a young person like Lucy?

Fortunately that’s when Lucy’s school recognised she needed positive role models in her life.

She was referred to the YMCA on the Southern Mornington Peninsula, and after attending her first youth program, Lucy was introduced to a whole new world.

Lucy found a place where she felt safe to open up, talk about her feelings, make new friends and realise her potential.

“I learned social skills and how to start conversations with people,” Lucy said. “Before the YMCA, no one had ever helped me learn those behaviours.”

Lucy has come full circle since beginning her journey with the YMCA. Today she is bright and motivated with many aspirations for her future.

It’s not an overstatement to say that our programs have been life changing for her.

Sadly there are many more young people just like Lucy struggling with mental health issues that need support.

With YMCA youth services completely reliant on community support, we need your help to keep these services running.

Please give generously to support a vulnerable young person like Lucy today.