YMCA Bridge Project

The YMCA Bridge Project Breakfast

YMCA Bridge Project provides support, training, mentoring and employment opportunities for young ex-offenders at risk of being trapped in a recurring cycle of crime and imprisonment.

YMCA Bridge Project helps young people reconnect with mainstream society after they leave custody. Without support, it is not easy for a young person to leave custody and slip back into a regular lifestyle. Through the program, we aims to provide the support that’s needed.

YMCA Bridge Project recognises that all the young people on our programs require support and investment to grow as independent resilient individuals.

There are two standout benefits of the project:

  • Re-offending rate cut dramatically from over 50% to 3%
  • Victorian community saves $8m per year through the reduction in re-offending rates

As part of YMCA Bridge Project, local businesses and employers are able to provide practical support for disadvantaged young people.

The program also includes mentoring. The young people on the program have a trusted mentor who can guide them through day-to-day challenges.

We are always looking for active volunteers and members of the community to help with this program. If you are interested in getting involved, we would like to hear from you. We work with:

  • employers
  • sponsors
  • parents wanting a program to help support their child
  • anyone wanting to mentor or work with young people

YMCA Bridge Project is important to our community for creating social cohesion. More importantly, it creates a positive experience for young people looking for a second chance.

To find out more visit https://vicyouth.ymca.org.au/social-impact/bridge-project