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Dads Events / Dads & Kids Activities

  • DadsLink run a program of weekend activities every month for Dads and Kids.
  • Please visit and join our YMCA DadsLink Meetup Group for event details.

  • Join us on Meetup or email to book for our fun events!
  • Dads & Kids Adventure Camp: twice a year (usually March and November).
  • Monthly Men Living Well meetups and Day Retreats (April and November).
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Dads & Kids Adventure Camps

Men Living Well Group + Day Retreats

  • DadsLink hosts a Monthly Group meetup for men in Canterbury on the fourth Wednesday of each month from 7pm to 9pm - all men welcome.
  • Join us on Meetup to register or email DadsLink about the Day Retreat for Men.

DadsLink aims to enhance the relationship between fathers and their children by providing information, support and a range of hands-on activities for dads, kids and families.

Please visit or join the DadsLink Meetup Group for event updates and the dates of our Dads Gatherings, a monthly discussion group for all fathers, our Dad's Stories workshops, and other family events.

DadsLink organises social events, Dads and Kids camps, discussion groups and seminars for Dads, and community events for the whole family. DadsLink is proud to offer activities and support for Dads and Kids in all family types.

Email DadsLink on for more information. DadsLink is run by YMCA Victoria in partnership with Relationships Australia Victoria and the Life Is... Foundation (dedicated to well being and harm prevention).


Why Dadslink?

DadsLink is a practical program that includes and benefits all types of dads.


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