Personal training

The support and motivation of a personal trainer could be all you need to reach your health and fitness goals!

Your personalised program will suit your level of fitness and the goals you want to achieve. It will take into account your experience, preferred activities, centre facilities and budget.

Your trainer, or PT, will adjust your program as you improve to keep you interested, and your progress and achievements will be clearly charted.

In fact, your trainer will get as much pleasure out of your triumphs as you do!

Working consistently with a personal trainer over time almost guarantees that you will reach your targets in relation to:

  • fitness
  • weight loss or management
  • strength
  • endurance
  • overall health and wellness.

YMCA trainers are fully qualified and you’ll benefit from professional guidance and knowledge on fitness and nutrition. Many also have extra qualifications in special fields, such as post injury, pre/post natal, youth exercise and older adults.

Personal Training is truly for everyone, from teenagers to older adults, and we offer convenient and affordable payment options. 

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Personal training is truly for everyone, from teenagers to older adults, and many centres offer convenient and affordable payment options.

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