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Learn with the Y, Swim safely in life

Learning to swim is great, but there is much more to learn than just swimming strokes in order to stay safe in and around water. Swimming Lessons with the Y help children establish a lifelong appreciation for safe activity in the water, and learn vital survival skills not just for the pool but for rivers, lakes and the ocean.and around water. 

YMCA Swimming Lessons are more than just a swimming lesson. Children will learn to:

  • develop and refine swimming strokes

  • cooperate with and respect others in an aquatic environment

  • make safe and sensible decisions and solve problems in and around water.

In Australia, ingrained in our culture is catching up with friends and family outdoors. This means a pool, the beach, a lake or river is never far away, and we love that! That’s why our Swimming Lessons are designed to teach vital skills and knowledge for your child now, and into their adult life, for lifelong aquatic enjoyment!

Safety and Survival Skill Focus

There are many swim schools that teach kids how to swim freestyle and backstroke. It’s nice to be able to swim well, however sadly each year the drowning report show us that competent stroke swimmers can still get into trouble in the water and tragically even lose their lives. We teach swimming but we also teach essential water safety, personal survival and open water techniques. Skills for life.

Industry Leading Teachers

We are immensely proud of our professional and passionate swimming teachers. We invest in them to ensure they lead the delivery of our expertly developed curriculum. Our swimming teachers are industry qualified and undertake ongoing training and professional development which drives their passion and ability to empower kids to reach their potential.

Progression at the right time

It is important to us that your child's learning with us is sustainable. Our kids do not move to the next level until they meet critical program competencies. They will be so proud of themselves when they are awarded their certificate for completing all of the required skills, and they should be because we are!

From enjoying a simple splash around as kids to experiencing an off the beaten track waterfall, swimming with the dolphins or kayaking down the most incredible river as a young adult, give your child the skills they need for life.

Getting started with YMCA Swimming Lessons is easy.

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