YMCA Swimming Lessons

Swimming and water safety skills are just part of what your child will gain with YMCA Swimming Lessons.

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Swimming strokes such as freestyle and backstroke are an important part of swimming. However it’s vital your children learn personal survival skills, not for just the pool, but rivers, lakes and the ocean. With YMCA Swimming Lessons, your child will learn these lifesaving skills.

They’ll also have access to the pool outside of lesson times, receive merchandise discounts, and there’s no re-enrolment process. Our nationally accredited teachers give you regular feedback on progress, and a certificate after your child completes each level.

Programs for all ages

Infants (from six months)

A parent supports the child in the pool, while they learn to explore and become familiar with the water, and help build confidence. Children learn to control breathing, floating, paddling and propulsion.


Children grow in confidence and become more independent in the water. Parents are gradually transitioned out of the pool and children start to participate on their own. Children start to learn swimming strokes.

School aged (5 – 12 years)

With an increase in confidence, competence and endurance, children establish a lifelong appreciation for safer activity in the water. The primary program focuses on refinement of swimming stroke techniques, safety and survival skills, and respect for the water.


It is never too late to learn to swim. Beginner, intermediate and advanced adult classes are available. Adult classes cater for all abilities and cultural backgrounds.

Getting started with YMCA Swimming Lessons is easy.

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