Occupational Health & Safety policy

YMCA Victoria recognises its legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to prevent work related injury and illness. The YMCA is committed to providing safe places of work that do not place the health and safety of any person at risk.

We will foster positive workplace cultures across our operations where safety is considered to be a core value, safe behaviour is encouraged and respected, and continual improvement is considered to be part of normal business practice.

As outlined in YMCA’s Vision 2020 and the YMCA Health and Safety Strategy; YMCA are committed to building a safe and sustainable organisation by ensuring the effective control of risk and the promotion of health. This approach is underpinned by legislative compliance, robust systems, policies and procedures and by actively working toward a thriving health and safety culture.

This commitment extends to employees, patrons, contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, visitors and other personnel who are involved with the activities of the YMCA.


This commitment shall be fulfilled by ensuring:

  • Our people are informed of and understand their responsibilities and demonstrate commitment to accountability and leadership in health, safety and environment.
  • Our people are trained to conduct their work safety through the provision of innovative and high quality training programs which meet the diverse needs of our organisation.
  • We promote active participation and recognise the value of involving our people in health and safety consultation. We will demonstrate leadership by delivering innovative and effective communication across the organisation.
  • We understand our risk profile and seek to eliminate and reduce our health and safety risks through effective hazard and risk management processes.
  • We actively prevent injuries and illness to our people and provide effective and supportive injury management programs. We conduct quality incident investigations and implement corrective actions to ensure prevention of injury and illness.
  • Compliance with the requirements of the Occupational Health and Safety Act and Regulations and any other relevant requirements, statutory acts and regulations.
  • Allocating adequate resources to plan for and maintain a safe, healthy and supportive working environment, including the engagement of suitably qualified and competent persons to support and deliver on YMCA’s health and safety commitment.
  • Measuring and monitoring the effectiveness of OHS performance and the OHSMS by setting strategies, objectives and targets to enable regular management review and to ensure continued improvement in the elimination of work-related injury and illness.

The YMCA seeks the co-operation, commitment and support of all employees, patrons, contractors, sub-contractors, volunteers, visitors and other personnel in achieving and maintaining a safe working environment.

For further information on YMCA Victoria’s OHS Policy, please contact vicoffice@ymca.org.au