How to apply for support

YMCA Open Doors is in an initiative that provides full or partially subsidised access to YMCA programs or services for people in need.

Eligibility criteria

  • All applications must be nominated by a referral agency to assess eligibility for subsidised access.
  • Applicants must be living or attending a service or school local to a YMCA.
  • Children under 10 must be accompanied by an adult while attending any YMCA program.
  • Both an application form (to be completed by the individual seeking support) and a nomination form (to be completed by a referral agency) must be fully completed before being considered for support.

The application process

If you are an individual seeking support:

  • Check out your local YMCA centre and see what programs and services it provides.
  • Speak to the staff at a verified referral agency and tell them you are experiencing difficult circumstances and would like to access YMCA programs or services.
  • Download the application form from the YMCA centre website (to be completed by you and a referral agency). Once the form is fully completed forward it directly to the YMCA Open Doors representative at your local YMCA centre.

If you are a referral agency:

  • Identify clients who would benefit from a YMCA program or service.
  • Review local YMCA centre/s to see what suitable programs and services they provide.
  • Confirm that you will liaise with the YMCA so that your client will be supported throughout the time they are with the YMCA.
  • Download the application form (to be completed by you & the applicant).
  • Verify that your client would benefit from participating in a YMCA program or service but due to their financial situation is unable to do so.

Once the forms are fully completed forward them directly to the YMCA Open Doors representative at your local YMCA centre.