About YMCA Victoria

YMCA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that delivers programs and services at more than 150 locations across Victoria, including:

Our mission and vision

We believe in the power of inspired young people.

At the Y, our mission is to empower young people, giving them the skills and confidence to lead positive and independent lives.

We want young people to have more agency, improve their physical and mental health, increase their employability skills and shape their future  through the Y.

We're a community not-for-profit organisation, meaning that all we receive is put back into improving our programs and services and into supporting local communities through programs such as YMCA Open Doors.

Our impact

We're achieving our mission of empowering young people through our various programs and services. YMCA Youth Services, works with over 8,000 young people every year.

Supporting young people with agency to shape their future

Young people are using their agency and shaping their future through Youth Parliament which has succeeded in getting over 30 bills passed into state legislation in Victoria. Our Youth Parliament program is a fantastic example of young people's voices having an impact and making real change in society.

Improving physical and mental health

Our recreation centres have youth memberships and concessions available for young people to encourage young people to improve their fitness.

Here at the Y, we know how important staying connected is and believe youth clubs play an important role in keeping young people together. Which is why we have created Virtual Y  because online youth hubs mean you can stay connected, while apart. On Virtual Y, you'll be able to access exclusive fitness, nutrition, wellbeing, family and youth content. From keeping fit through workouts and training at home and learning all about nutrition with our delicious recipes and Healthy Living Magazine. Not only does this youth health hub focus on physical health, but also mental  offering methods of looking after your wellbeing with mindfulness practices; learning with your family with home activities; to engaging with the Australian youth community through our Youth Hub.

Increasing employability

In terms of increasing employability skills, with approximately 5,000 staff and volunteers, the Y is a major employer of young people.

One of our priorities at the Y is to provide a career to believe in for all our staff. We believe everyone is a leader at the Y, regardless of their role. We provide training and development opportunities to ensure our people are supported and grow during their time with the Y, including leadership programs like Future Leaders and UNO-Y.

The YMCA Bridge Project supports, trains and mentors young offenders, supporting young people like Cam to cultivate a meaningful life with education, training and stable employment with external organisations or with YMCA ReBuild. Listen to our participants in the Time to ReBuild podcast.

Take a look at more stories from the Y and learn more about our impact.

Our history

YMCA Victoria is a not-for-profit organisation that has been working with young people and serving the Victorian community since 1853.

The first YMCA was founded in London, England in 1844. Over the years, YMCA movements spread through the United Kingdom before expanding to Europe, America and Oceania.

YMCA Victoria works in partnership with YMCA Australia and the wider Y movement.

Annual report

Every year, YMCA Victoria release an annual report, showcasing what we've achieved that year. Featuring messages from our leaders, stories from the Y, our impact as well our our financials.

Explore our annual report

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