Every year, we put together an annual report that recaps our performance in the previous financial year. The report showcases stories from around Y Victoria (the Y) while highlighting the impact we’ve had in our communities. The report also includes a financial summary and lists our partners, grants and contributors.

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We believe that every dollar spent today is a reflection of the world you want tomorrow.

The Y Victoria Annual Report 2022-2023

Y Victoria is pleased to present our 2022-23 Annual Report.

This year, Y Victoria celebrates 170 years of supporting communities.

We belong to one of the longest-running and largest youth movements in the world and we’re proudly part of the YMCA World Alliance and YMCA Asia Pacific Urban Network.

With more than 12 million participations recorded this year across our services, there are countless stories of impact to share. Some of those stories are highlighted in the below

Community partnerships, donations, grants and volunteers all help to support programs that help everyone thrive and feel like they belong.

Watch our video on to see how this work in action, from special camp experiences to creating employment and hope for young people in the justice system - we’d love your support.

The Y is about connecting people. We’d like to connect with you, to create a better tomorrow.

Our vision: A better tomorrow where all people can belong.
Our purpose: To inspire and empower young people and communities to thrive.

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Previous annual reports

Read through our previous annual reports to get a snapshot into the past and see how our organisation has evolved over the years.


Thank you

Thank you for reading this year’s annual report. We hope that you’ve gained an insight into how the Y supports all Victorians. While reopening following the COVID-19 lockdowns posed its challenges, the Y has and will continue to provide spaces where people from all walks of life can find a sense of belonging and connection.

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