Safeguarding Children and Young People policy

At the Y, we consider the safety and wellbeing of children and young people to be our highest priority and are committed to providing a safe environment for all children and young people. Read our Safeguarding Children and Young People policy

As part of Y Victoria's commitment to empowering children and young people, the SCYP Policy are available in both Child Friendly and Young Person Friendly Versions.

In response to the updated 11 Victorian Child Safety Standards, Y Victoria implemented an addendum to the National Safeguarding Children & Young People policy, found here. The addendum supports the national policy and includes further commitments to overarching principles and operational requirements.

Occupational Health and Safety policy

We recognise our legal, ethical and moral responsibilities to prevent work related injury and illness. We're committed to providing safe places of work that do not put the health and safety of any person at risk. Read our Occupational Health and Safety policy.

Environmental policy

We are committed to building a thriving, prosperous, safe and sustainable organisation. This includes a specific commitment to minimise our environmental impact and advocate for healthier environments.

We acknowledge the importance of protecting the environment in a sustainable manner to help reduce any detrimental impact our operations and activities might have. The Y is committed to ensuring this through the development, implementation and maintenance of an Environmental Management System, based on the international ISO14001 Standard. Read our Environmental policy.

Privacy policy

We only store the data we need to conduct business (in a secure location with limited access) and will only contact you if we have your permission. We're committed to complying with all privacy legislation, but if you would like to find out more about the privacy of your data, please read our Privacy policy.

Supplier code of conduct

The Young Men's Christian Association Of Victoria Inc. A0026728G and its related entities (the Y Vic Group) are committed to corporate social responsibility. In support of this commitment, we have a set of ethical standards to guide us in our business dealings. read our Supplier code of conduct.

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