We're always seeking partnerships with local, state and federal governments, community organisations, businesses, philanthropic trusts and foundations to help us support our community to be healthy, happy and better connected.

Without our partners and donors we wouldn’t be able to break down barriers and provide for those who can’t access our programs and services.

Why partner with us?

Experience in facility management

We are the largest operator of community owned recreation facilities in Australia including gyms, aquatic centres and stadiums. For more than 50 years we’re been working successfully with local government to effectively manage and operate their recreational facilities. We value our relationships with local government and know that by working holistically we can achieve our common goal to get more of community, more active, more often

Our size and scope means that when you engage us to operate your facilities, we can support the health and wellbeing of your entire community – both inside and outside of facilities. We’re work with over 20 Local Government Authorities and manage over recreation and aquatic 80 facilities; providing meaningful employment to thousands of people. We also operate 68 courts across 27 stadiums, meaning we have a business model that provides true-value and assurance to local government.

Our knowledge, skills, experience and reach makes us uniquely qualified to manage, operate and deliver a multitude of programs and services. We respond to our partners’ needs by understanding your customers and communities and helping you achieve your plans through strategic alignment and objectives.

Aligned values

At the Y, we value working with like-minded organisations. We work with partners towards a shared vision and to increase our community impact through our programs and services. 

Support from our team

Our Shared Services team has been designed to partner with local government in the effective management of their facilities. Our communications, creative, digital, IT, marketing, product and sales teams provide support to partners and our operational teams leaving them to do what they do best - connect with the community.

We innovate through technology, programming, digital engagement and product development to help grow your brand and promote the benefits that your facilities have on the health and wellbeing of your local communities. We're also committed to continuous innovation and actively challenge the status quo to achieve better outcomes for our partners.

Financial stability

We manage approximately $1.5 billion in community assets and our combined entities have an annual turnover of $187 million. We have a diversified income model with services delivered across nine separate industries. This model provides protection from individual industry fluctuations. Through proven financial governance and a robust financial management structure, we are well positioned to support sustainable performance and growth.

Benefits of partnering with us


We remain vigilant and maintain the highest level of safety systems, policies and processes in all our programs and services. Workplace safety audit tools have been custom developed to support management of health, safety and environment at all our facilities. These audit tools are based on appropriate industry standards and provide a system to measure the work to develop, implement and ensure improvement and operational excellence.

Child protection

We’re committed to having a child-safe culture and allocate significant resources to ensure the protection of children and young people. In 2015, we implemented our Safeguarding Children and Young People policy with the aim that all YMCA personnel understand and comply with their responsibilities to ensure a child-safe culture. The policy includes mandatory training, National Criminal Record checks and Working with Children Checks for all staff and volunteers. The Y is independently reviewed by the Australian Childhood Foundation to ensure our services are safe for all children and young people.


We’re a leading not-for-profit organisation with strong, long-standing relationships across the industry. As such, we’re well positioned to successfully apply for grants and funding available to organisations with deductible gift receipt status. As a not-for-profit, we’re not focused on dividends for shareholders, but rather ensuring that we gain and maintain the best financial outcomes for our partners.


We have a ‘whole of community’ approach and deliver programs and services that are needed, not simply for organisational benefit but for community benefit as well. We work with our partners and key stakeholders to deliver:

  • strong and sustainable financial outcomes for our partners;
  • maximum participation and engagement across;
  • the broader community the provision of safe, welcoming and quality community assets;
  • a range of inclusive opportunities for all to access relevant programs and services.

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