It's surprising who can't swim

As it's not always who you think...

YMCA raises funds to ensure no one misses out on learning vital swimming skills. By making a donation, you can ensure we can continue to deliver programs for those in need.

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Drownings in Victoria are at a 10 year high. Whilst a lot of people have the swim skills that could save their lives, not everyone does. It could be a family member, close friend, or the kid next door who's at risk.

Some families are simply unable to afford swimming lessons for their children.

Financial hardship can mean parents are forced to sacrifice extracurricular activities like swimming to provide for their family. With Victoria’s drowning rate at a 10 year high, it is vital that everyone, regardless of their circumstances, has the opportunity to learn to swim.

And not everyone grows up around the water.

Newly arrived Australians make up 60% of our population growth, yet they have little or no experience around the water. Already in 2015, Life Saving Victoria has reported 11 people have drowned with the majority being migrants and newly arrived Australians.

Often children with disabilities are unable to swim and enjoy the water safely.

Requiring specialised swim instructors or equipment such as pool hoists, these kids miss out on the joys of being in the water.


As a charity, the YMCA raises money and develops programs so no one misses out on learning to swim.

With a donation of just $15 you could give a child less fortunate their first swim lesson to enjoy a safe Australian summer.


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